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Stealth Fighter Now In Color

Dark Blue Stealth Fighter

Apparently being quiet and blending in are not on the agenda for some electric bicycle riders. Feedback from the action sports crowd told Stealth Electric Bikes USA Matt black paint does not do for them.

So yesterday, Stealth Electric Bikes USA unveiled 4 new color schemes for the North American market. The colors and graphics give the customers a few great options to choose from. Have a look at the gallery below to see the new color schemes.

Stealth To Run Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2011

Buried toward the bottom of the press release Stealth also mentioned they will be sending riders to the Pikes Peak Hill climb at the end of June. I’m sure Chip Yates and his battery powered monster of an electric superbike will be glad to hear they will have some like minded folks in attendance.

Stealth USA also mentioned they are still looking for new dealers and drop ship dealers.

See the full press release below…

Stealth Electric Bikes Brings Extreme Colors to its Extreme Sport Bikes

Snow White, Space Blue, Devils Red and Bumble Bee are just a few of the new colors and options available for the light weight and yet powerful bike known as The Fighter by Stealth Electric Bikes USA.

Scottsdale, AZ ( ) May 2, 2011. Stealth Electric Bikes USA is please to announce the new line of features, upgrades and paint and decal options available for The Fighter, by Stealth Electric Bikes USA and Stealth Electric Bikes Canada.

Extreme Sports enthusiasts and Adventure Racing Mountain Bikers have asked for a variety of upgrades and options for The Fighter, a 90lb electric bike that can exceed 31mph while in competition mode.

Space Blue, Snow White, Devils Red and Bumble Bee are available as new options, and especially practical since the bike is also being used and available to be used by law enforcement, emergency first responders, and other public servants as a light weight, fast, and cost efficient way to provide emergency services.

“We’ve gotten a great deal of interest from a variety of civic safety groups who have been looking to customize our bikes to better represent their services. However, our downhill mountain bikers and extreme sports lovers are just as jazzed about these new colors too. This, along with the ability to apply decals, and customize a few other options, gives our riders a better feel of personalization about their new favorite high speed ride,” said Darin Brin, Director.

Stealth Electric Bikes USA and Stealth Electric Bikes Canada are currently accepting applications for authorized retailers and drop ship dealers throughout the U.S. & Canada. Dealerships are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis on acceptance and the inventory availability.

Stealth Electric Bikes can also be purchased directly from the appropriate retail websites at:http://stealthelectricbikesusa.com and http://stealthelectricbikescanada.com.

About Stealth Electric Bikes USA
Stealth Electric Bikes USA is based in Phoenix, AZ and can be found online at: http://stealthelectricbikesusa.com

Stealth Electric Bikes USA will be sending riders from the U.S. & Australia to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in June and plans on sending riders to the Interbike conference in Las Vegas, September 14th through 16th.

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Stealth Fighter Gets More Power

2011 Stealth Fighter in white

Stealth announced a slight change of course for the next iteration of the Stealth Fighter. Power is up 27% to 3 kW and the weight of the bike remains unchanged at 77.2 lbs. It seems Stealth has chosen to make the bike more powerful instead of lighter as they had planned. I will try to find more information on why but it’s hard to argue that more power is a bad idea for a bike like this.

Check out my earlier coverage of the Stealth lineup for more information.

They also posted a picture of the new US bound Fighter in white.  The white paint and angle of the shot makes details of the motorcycle-inspired chain tensioner easy to see. The cable routing for the rear hub motor running under the swingarm uses mountain bike inspired zip tie mounts.

Of all the electric two wheeled products on the market Stealth seams to have nailed it. They have found and exploited an electric drive niche between motorcycle and bicycle that lets 2 wheeled junkies enter a new world of riding. Money is tight for many these days and most of us want more than an “upgrade” to justify spend.

A visit to the Stealth Facebook page backs me up. Zoran Bogunovic, a new Stealth Bomber owner who has very similar riding background to me posted

I’ve been riding push bikes since is was 5 years old and have been riding motorcycles for well over 10 years now. I took delivery of my Stealth Bomber on Friday and man, this is something else! This thing is rock solid – even when off road and speed! In two days I’ve knocked out over 170kms. The onboard computer gives me all the information I need to know at a glance when I’m cruising along. With the price of fuel and public transport going up (as well as our population on trains) making this machine my daily ride is a no brainer. Thank you very much!

Stealth promises a brand new riding experience that is better aligned with today’s economic and environmental concerns than any powered 2 wheeler before it. And on top of that damn, it looks good.

UPDATE: The with Fighter is going to Stealth USA’s Darin Brin.

Source: Stealth Electric Bikes

Stealth Fighter Gets Lighter

Stealth Electric Bikes recently posted pics of the latest iteration of their Stealth Fighter model. The part of the frame connecting to the seat tube appears have some metal cut out of it most likely for weight loss. After comments are flying on Facebook wondering if this is Fighter 2.0, Stealth posted on Facebook…

The frame is lighter, stiffer and a lot smaller than before, bringing the bike closer to having that mtb feel about it.

In addition to the power increases, the Stealth Fighter has been on a serious weight loss program. In May 09 the bikes weight was 112 pounds and the current weight is 90 pounds. No word on the weight of the latest version. Stealth also recently announced lifetime warranties on the frame.

The Stealth Fighter is the 2.2 kW little brother to 4.5 kW the Stealth Bomber.

For a off the shelf ebike it is tough to beat the Stealth Electric Bikes offerings. Check out the Stealth Electric Bikes owners thread at Endless-Sphere for more information.

Click the break for more pictures and videos of the Stealth eBikes in action.

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