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Cube Epo 29er eBike | Eurobike 2011

Cube EPO 29er mtb ebike

image credit Vital MTB

Vital MTB snapped a pic of the Cube EPO 29er at Eurobike. The battery of this pedelec sits in the seat tube acts as the seatpost. The rear hub motor was developed in Germany and manufactured in Switzerland but no specs are given on Cube’s EPO page. This bike appears to be a pedelec as they do not provide a picture of a throttle.

Very cool to see an offroad oriented 29er eBike from a bicycle manufacturer. The EPO 29er joins Cube’s commuter oriented pedelec line.

Update: Found a video of the Cube eBike line at the Eurobike 2011 booth…

Source: Vital MTB

M55 Terminus Unveiled

m55 terminus

M55 took the covers off the Terminus at the Top Marques Monaco luxury fair today. This bike is the 6th iteration of the M55 electric bicycle that up until now has been called the Beast.

Details on the build are scarce at this point but here is what we know…

Based on the pic above it appears the front end uses a swingarm setup. This system has many advantages I assume are similar to James Parker’s (Mission Motors employee) RADD design.

More information as it is made available.

Source: Facebook

Haibike Eq Xduro Assembly At Full Throttle

Haibike Eq Xduro eBike Frame

Haibike looks to be full throttle manufacturing it’s BOSCH ebike System based electric mountainbike line. Check out the rack of Haibike Eq Xduro hardtails fresh out of the paint shop. Haibike just posted this on Facebook.

There were multiple Bosch based ebikes on display at Interbike late last year including a few from Cannondale. The 45 lb Haibike  mounts the BOSCH system upside down in a custom built frame to protect the system from damage and improve ground clearance.

If your in line to buy this bike please send me an email or msg with the contact page. I would love to hear your experiences with the bike.

For more info on the Haibike Eq Xduro please check out my recent Haibike post and the links in the text above.

KTM Displays Freeride Electric Egnition At Eurobike 2010

The KTM eGnition integrates 1000 watts of electric assist into a freeride mountainbike platform. The motor of the Clean Mobile electric drive wraps around the bottom bracket and adds power to each pedal stroke of the rider for up to 110 ft lbs of torque.

The bike was first displayed at Eurobike 2010 but has not shown up on KTM Bike Industries website yet with the other 17 ebike models it sells. (KTM bikes not the same company as KTM motorcycles)

It’s no secret I have a soft spot for electric full suspension bicycles. Commuter bikes may be the biggest potential market for ebikes but electric freeride bikes have a larger potential to open new genres of riding. The extra heft of full suspension could be offset by electric assist.

Source: Gizmag, Bike Radar

The Haibike EQ Xduro FS For Sale Spring 2011

Haibike EQ Xduro FS full suspension e-bike

Haibike is a bicycle manufacturer out of Germany and one of a handful of companies outsourcing pedelec drive to Bosch. The Haibike EQ Xduro FS is a full suspension e-bike with a four bar linkage. The aluminum frame cradles the Bosch eBike System at the base of a “J” shaped downtube. A 288 Wh (8 Ah) battery pack is attached to the downtube and is based on the same lithium-ion technology that powers Bosch power tools. Recharge time is estimated at 2.5 hours.

The motor is a 250 Watt unit and the system minus the batteries weighs 5 lbs. The motor and bottom bracket assembly have sensors that detect how hard the rider is pushing on the pedals and the speed of the bike to determine how much assist to provide with the motor. In effect, hills and headwinds shrink with each pedal stroke.

Unlike Bosch’s eBike partner Cannondale, Haibike mounts the Bosch system upside down and on top of the down tube to maximize ground clearance and keep the system out of harms way.

Click the break for more images and a spec sheet…

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Holy Pedelec Batman! The m55 Beast 55 Electric Bike

m55 Beast 55

The m55 Beast 55

The 5th incarnation of the m55 Evo was unveiled at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last month. The “Beast 55” retains it’s Batmobile, Transformers and Terminator influenced sci-fi design but now has all components between the electric motor and the Rohloff hub exposed.

The beautiful chain and sprocket drive sheds 6.6 lbs from the original enclosed system and adds visual appeal to the hybrid drive bike. Most of the components are designed specifically for the bike including the crank arms but premium off the shelf components are used where possible. A good example is White Industries freewheel that isolates the cranks and protects the rider’s legs from the 74 lb ft of torque of the electric motor.

Hit the jump for specifications and proof in pictures the m55 Beast is not vaporware.

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Ghost E-Ndure

Ghost E-Ndure Pedelec

Image Credit: PinkBike.com

One look at the E-Ndure and you know the guys and gals at Ghost get it. It looks very similar to a conventional full suspension freeride mountainbike and the coverage it has received the past week in the bicycle world proves they nailed it. The E-Ndure has a Clean Mobile motor mounted in the bottom bracket that assists each revolution of the cranks. The 800 peak watt motor is run at 250 watts nominal to keep it legal, running cool and reliable. Cool running equates to efficient battery use.

The 48 Volt system feeds off a 8.2 Ah, 360 Wh battery pack that is mounted inside the down tube and is removable. A perfect recipe for riding up the mountain, ditching the pack on a “chair lift” and riding down. The 170mm of travel is no doubt tuned to handle the 55 lb weight of the bike. The 12 x 142 mm thru-axle should help with the 150 Nm of torque (max).

Source: Pink Bike via: Pedelec Forum