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Hawk e-Freerider Prototype

Hawk e-Freerider

While browsing the webs I came across the Hawk e-Freerider. I don’t recall ever seeing it before but it was on display at Interbike 2010.

It appears to use an SR Suntour V-BOXX drive attached to it’s monocoque frame. The rear wheel is driven by a hub motor. The bike was built by SEMCON.

Hawk e-Freerider

KTM Displays Freeride Electric Egnition At Eurobike 2010

The KTM eGnition integrates 1000 watts of electric assist into a freeride mountainbike platform. The motor of the Clean Mobile electric drive wraps around the bottom bracket and adds power to each pedal stroke of the rider for up to 110 ft lbs of torque.

The bike was first displayed at Eurobike 2010 but has not shown up on KTM Bike Industries website yet with the other 17 ebike models it sells. (KTM bikes not the same company as KTM motorcycles)

It’s no secret I have a soft spot for electric full suspension bicycles. Commuter bikes may be the biggest potential market for ebikes but electric freeride bikes have a larger potential to open new genres of riding. The extra heft of full suspension could be offset by electric assist.

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