Nicolai Ion e-Boxx Electric Mountain Bike

Nicolai showed up to Eurobike 2011 with one of the coolest implementations of the Bosch bottom bracket motor system. The Nicolai Ion e-Boxx borrows it’s name and it’s drivetrain from the revolutionary Ion g-Boxx internally geared system. However, the g-Boxx is swapped out for the Bosch “e-Boxx” and a conventional derailleur and gears are spec’d on the rear end. One step forward, one step back.

The battery pack is housed in a box that is the down tube which appears to keep the frame rigid while keeping the battery secure. The weight of the battery is low and centered close to the axis of rotation to keep the bike feeling nimble. The “box” that holds the battery is open on the bottom so the pack can be easily removed.

I could not find the exact specs but this looks to be a 6+ inch travel, full suspension ebike with coil spring rear shock, FSR rear suspension and dual crown fork. With Bosch’s new 28 mph, 1000 watt peak system it has to be a blast to ride.

Check out Internet Mountainbike Community for more pictures of the Nicolai Ion e-Boxx at Eurobike 2011.


Bosch Introduces 28 MPH Bottom Bracket Motor

Bosch Drive 45 ebike MotorThe Bosch “Drive Unit 45″ is the 45 kmh (27.9 mph) replacement for last years 23 km/h ebike system. 350 Watts of power (500 peak) are used to double the top speed. The Bosch ebike bottom bracket motor now allows power only instead of the pedelec system that amplified human power.

The Unit 45 is said to be maintenance free and water proof and have a range from 40 to 105 Km (24.8 to 65.2) depending on power mode, terrain and human assist level.

Of the 25 companies that use the Bosch system, it is most commonly seen in the Haibike Eq Xduro line of mountain bikes. Obviously bottom bracket clearance is an issue if mounted as pictured but Haibike mounts the Unit upside down.

The system is being introduced this week at Eurobike 2011 and will be integrated into 9 ebikes on the showroom floor. You can bet I will be scouring the web trying to find a picture of each.

See the full press release after the break

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Cube Epo 29er eBike | Eurobike 2011

Cube EPO 29er mtb ebike

image credit Vital MTB

Vital MTB snapped a pic of the Cube EPO 29er at Eurobike. The battery of this pedelec sits in the seat tube acts as the seatpost. The rear hub motor was developed in Germany and manufactured in Switzerland but no specs are given on Cube’s EPO page. This bike appears to be a pedelec as they do not provide a picture of a throttle.

Very cool to see an offroad oriented 29er eBike from a bicycle manufacturer. The EPO 29er joins Cube’s commuter oriented pedelec line.

Update: Found a video of the Cube eBike line at the Eurobike 2011 booth…

Source: Vital MTB

Why eBikes Are Cool Part 2 – Hill Climbs

ebike hill climb

This one may seem obvious, if you have a motor on your bike you don’t have to pedal as hard going up hills. With bikes like the Haibike Xduro DS you can go faster than pedaling full power on a non-motorized bike.

Air Marky’s latest video shows him climbing a decent offroad singletrack uphill on his Xduro DS. To the untrained eye this is just a guy rip’n up a hill on a mountain bike. The thing is a pro mountain biker would have a hard time turning the gear he’s in over irregular terrain at that incline.  He even coasts for a second at the beginning. Pretty cool.

The consistent and linear power of the electric motor allows for better traction than the pulses of power a set of human legs can produce. A mountain bike rider instinctively does a lot of timing of pedal strokes and cadence to get over rocks and roots to avoid stalling or spinning out. With consistent power, even lower than that of a human, getting up the hill will be faster and easier. At least that’s the way I understand it.

Watching the rest of the video Marky seems to be having a blast on the down hills too. Have a look through the rest of his videos. He as a good number of vids with the Haibike eMTB and also his Quantya Strata.

Be sure to check out Why eBikes Are Cool Part 1.

As an added bonus, here is a clip of the Stealth Electric Bike making short work of a hill that few could pedal up…

Why eBikes Are Cool Part 1 – Power Wheelies

Stealth bike wheeling puddle

Anyone who has mountain biked for long enough knows that when you encounter a puddle you should ride through the middle instead of going around the edge. This prevents widening of the trail. Electric mountian bikes like the Stealth Bomber make this easy and fun. Simply rock back and give it some throttle. Well yeah, you’ll need some practice. BTW, looks like these bikes are at least fairly water proof.

The screen shot above is from optibiker’s video stream. Check out the full video stream below. The puddle wheelie is at the end.

Check out Why eBikes Are Cool Part 2 – Hill Climbs.

KTM eGnition In Action [Video]

BikeExpo2011 Podcast e-MTBs from mediaBOX TV on Vimeo.

Check out this video of the KTM eGnition eMTB in action. The most interesting part is at 40 seconds in where you can see and hear the Clean Mobile electric drive assisting the riders up the hills. The rest of the video shows the bikes going down hill and jumping which is cool but not going to sell the benefits of these bikes.

via: Quantya Park Austria on FB

Optibike Supplies Electric Drive To Red Bull Creation Team

The Donner Party 2.0 secured a few electric drive systems from Optibike for this years Red Bull Creation competition. The Optibike MBB is a “motorized bottom bracket” that has the motor surrounding the bottom bracket and directly driving the crank assembly.

Red Bull Creation gives teams of engineer-hacks 72 hours to build something crazy around a theme. This year’s theme: “Energy In Motion”.

To qualify for the event The Donner Party 2.0 build a grandfather clock that belches a sequence of flames to notify the user of every hour. The clock is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. Arduino is commonly used to control EV power delivery so this knowledge should help out when programming their electric ???.

The build begins July 10 in McCarren Park, Brooklyn. This should be good.

Source: Optibike

Ego Kits Video With Nice eMTB Climb Shots

Ego Kits just uploaded a video with some nice shots of rider Thomas Ohler riding wheelies under electric power and climbing some steep grades without pedaling. The video does a great job of showing how an electric powered mountain bike brings more to the table than a human powered bike.

Watch the whole vid below (click “Read More”) or skip to 1:16 in to see the good stuff.

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Stealth Bikes Looks To Military Sales

The verdict is not out on whether the average US citizen is ready for electric bicycles. However, for government agencies, including the military and police, electric drive bicycles are a great option that bring new abilities to the table.

Stealth Electric Bikes is concentrating on getting a piece of the action. See press release below.

How does an electric bike run on a 10,000 foot mountain pass? Same as on a sea level boardwalk. No carb or FI tweeks needed. Much less concern for a riders oxygen levels needed to pedal the bike. No fuel tank for the enemy to shoot at.

But more importantly, the US governement is forcing the military to get off fuel. See the video below for more information.

Video after the break. Click below…

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Stealth Fighter Now In Color

Dark Blue Stealth Fighter

Apparently being quiet and blending in are not on the agenda for some electric bicycle riders. Feedback from the action sports crowd told Stealth Electric Bikes USA Matt black paint does not do for them.

So yesterday, Stealth Electric Bikes USA unveiled 4 new color schemes for the North American market. The colors and graphics give the customers a few great options to choose from. Have a look at the gallery below to see the new color schemes.

Stealth To Run Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2011

Buried toward the bottom of the press release Stealth also mentioned they will be sending riders to the Pikes Peak Hill climb at the end of June. I’m sure Chip Yates and his battery powered monster of an electric superbike will be glad to hear they will have some like minded folks in attendance.

Stealth USA also mentioned they are still looking for new dealers and drop ship dealers.

See the full press release below…

Stealth Electric Bikes Brings Extreme Colors to its Extreme Sport Bikes

Snow White, Space Blue, Devils Red and Bumble Bee are just a few of the new colors and options available for the light weight and yet powerful bike known as The Fighter by Stealth Electric Bikes USA.

Scottsdale, AZ ( ) May 2, 2011. Stealth Electric Bikes USA is please to announce the new line of features, upgrades and paint and decal options available for The Fighter, by Stealth Electric Bikes USA and Stealth Electric Bikes Canada.

Extreme Sports enthusiasts and Adventure Racing Mountain Bikers have asked for a variety of upgrades and options for The Fighter, a 90lb electric bike that can exceed 31mph while in competition mode.

Space Blue, Snow White, Devils Red and Bumble Bee are available as new options, and especially practical since the bike is also being used and available to be used by law enforcement, emergency first responders, and other public servants as a light weight, fast, and cost efficient way to provide emergency services.

“We’ve gotten a great deal of interest from a variety of civic safety groups who have been looking to customize our bikes to better represent their services. However, our downhill mountain bikers and extreme sports lovers are just as jazzed about these new colors too. This, along with the ability to apply decals, and customize a few other options, gives our riders a better feel of personalization about their new favorite high speed ride,” said Darin Brin, Director.

Stealth Electric Bikes USA and Stealth Electric Bikes Canada are currently accepting applications for authorized retailers and drop ship dealers throughout the U.S. & Canada. Dealerships are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis on acceptance and the inventory availability.

Stealth Electric Bikes can also be purchased directly from the appropriate retail websites at: and

About Stealth Electric Bikes USA
Stealth Electric Bikes USA is based in Phoenix, AZ and can be found online at:

Stealth Electric Bikes USA will be sending riders from the U.S. & Australia to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in June and plans on sending riders to the Interbike conference in Las Vegas, September 14th through 16th.

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