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My Kid Riding My eBike

My son keeps riding my bbshd bike. He is doing well on it and loves it. I'm thinking of building a bbs02 version on a bike that fits him. Anyone else have their kids on an ebike?

Step 2 Of An eMTB Crash Is Critical

Crashing is never fun but it is going to happen. Step 0 is to crash, step 1 is to do a mental and physical check of your body before you move and step 2 Is to turn off your bike. If you don’t do srep 2 you are bound to grab a handful of throttle and bad will likely get worse.

36 Tooth Lekkie Bling Ring Chain Derail Happened And…

I was just riding along, through deep brush, pretty fast when my chain derailed and got stuck between the bbshd and my 36 tooth Lekkie bling ring. It looked bad. Very bad. Like game over for my bling. Long story short I loosened all 6 or 5 bolts, took out the chain, tightened then back up and all is well. The bling ring is perfectly straight as far as I can tell. Chain fine too. That’s one tough bling ring!

What Does BBSHD Error 15H Mean?

I was just riding along when “Error 15H” showed up on my color Luna bbshd dashboard. A “check engine light” was next to it. When I see this in my car I usually ignore it. 😉 So I cautiously did the same on my bbshd conversion! After all I was not gonna pedal the 60 lb beast home. Of course I’m man enough but I digress.

What does 15H Error mean???

Bottom line is the speed sensor was not connected all the way. 

Luna and the electricbike forum were very helpful in resolving. Luna offered a new sensor if the issue persists. I am liking Luna a lot so far.

2 eMTB Lessons Learned| Ride 10 | bbshd DB hook

Above is why I always ride cheap derailleurs. And why I am buying a second speed sensor.

A week ago while gaming with my buddies I told them I can’t figure out exactly what this bike is good at. Yes, it’s fast. Yes, it climbs hills faster than I can with leg power and with little physical exertion. But it was hard for me to say the overall enjoyment level beat regular pedal mtbs. Also I preferred pedal assist much more.
Well on ride 10 that changed. Here’s how…

1) I adjusted the thumb throttle so that wide open was in a natural position for my thumb

Before this ride I realized that when the throttle was wide open my thumb was just below the level of the bar which was very unnatural. When installing I did not think much about ergonomics and how to position the throttle. It matters.

This pic off “Full Throttle” shows how not to set it up…

This pic shows where your thumb should be at “Full Throttle”…

2) Ride it like a “2 stroke”

…well I guess how I used to ride two strokes 😀 which isn’t well LOL. What I mean by that is the power is crazy high on a rigid rear triangle, bbshd mtb that is geared 36:32. 36 Leccy front sprocket to 32 tooth rear. Just like power to weight ratio on a 2 stroke dirt bike. Yes, I know 2 strokes have a non-linear power delivery and power band and and electric has flat power curve. But honestly the bbshd power delivery is a bit unpredictable with stock programming from Luna Cycle (and maybe all bbshd?). When you “roll on” the throttle there is a delay in power delivery. Kind of like the unpredictable power of a 2 stroke dirtbike. How do you adjust for that? …point and shoot with full throttle!!!

Just after the apex of a turn look where you want to go and go full throttle and be ready for it. Get off the seat. Elbows out. Weigh the pedals right. Good riding position. No riding like it’s a couch which is how I tend to mountain bike in the Midwest on flat terrain. Let the bike do its thing underneath you. Let it buck and wheelie and loose traction. Be ready to tap the brake as needed to get things under control.

I had so much fun riding it aggressively. And yes I plan on crashing soon riding it like this but I’m ok with that.

I’m sure there are ways to change programming to get a more predictable power delivery which I’ll look into but for now it’s grip and rip 😉

All that said this is not a dirtbike. It does not deliver dirt shoveling power. It’s not a two stroke at all. But it is also not a mountain bike anymore. Or is it? Man I still can’t wrap my mind around this thing and I think that is part of why I love it.

Stealth’s John Karabalis And Darin Brin Interview

American Outdoors posted a video interview with Sealth Electric Bikes founder John Karabalis and Stealth USA’s director, Darin Brin. This is the only in-person interview with either of these guys I have come across which made it interesting to watch. Also, some very interesting points were made…

1) Stealth Electric Bikes are neither mountain bikes or motorcycles in John and Darin’s eyes. Stealth two wheelers are “creating it’s own class of bike”.

2) When riding downhill, the added weight of the hub motor in the rear wheel gives increased traction and stability when compared to a downhill bicycle.

3) Stealth Electric Bikes are hand made and assembled in Australia under John Karabalis’s supervision. There are no plans to change this or switch to mass production methods.

We Have Egnition – 88 KTM Egnition To Be Built in 2012

2012 KTM Egnition At Eurobike - via Pink Bike

Richard Cunningham reported on Pink Bike that KTM will be selling 88 KTM Egnition eBikes in 2012 for an undisclosed price.

The Clean Mobile powered, long travel full suspension ebike first showed up last year at Eurobike. This year it lost the rear derailleur in favor of an internally geared rear hub.

KTM Egnition At 2010 Eurobike

The battery case also looks to be redesigned. It has less of an edge on the lower front. The change most likely helps the bike get over obstacles without hanging up.

Cunningham reports the bike weighs in at 60 pounds and the Clean Mobile system produces 1200 watts (up from 1000 last year) an uses a 48 Volt system.

Check out the article on Pink Bike for more pics and information.

Nicolai Ion e-Boxx Electric Mountain Bike

Nicolai showed up to Eurobike 2011 with one of the coolest implementations of the Bosch bottom bracket motor system. The Nicolai Ion e-Boxx borrows it’s name and it’s drivetrain from the revolutionary Ion g-Boxx internally geared system. However, the g-Boxx is swapped out for the Bosch “e-Boxx” and a conventional derailleur and gears are spec’d on the rear end. One step forward, one step back.

The battery pack is housed in a box that is the down tube which appears to keep the frame rigid while keeping the battery secure. The weight of the battery is low and centered close to the axis of rotation to keep the bike feeling nimble. The “box” that holds the battery is open on the bottom so the pack can be easily removed.

I could not find the exact specs but this looks to be a 6+ inch travel, full suspension ebike with coil spring rear shock, FSR rear suspension and dual crown fork. With Bosch’s new 28 mph, 1000 watt peak system it has to be a blast to ride.

Check out Internet Mountainbike Community for more pictures of the Nicolai Ion e-Boxx at Eurobike 2011.


Proof of Haibike eBikes In Owners Garages! Pics And Videos

Karl Acker's haibike xduro fs
The pics of the Bosch powered Haibike Xduro Eq ebikes on the assembly line were no photoshop special. Pictures and videos were posted on Haibike’s FB page over the last week by new owners.

The Air Marky, a guy who rides anything with 2 wheels electric or not, posted what might be the first owner video on youTube of the Xduro FS in action. It includes footage of his drive to the bike shop to pick it up.

Air Marky mentioned on Electric Motorcycle Forum that the bike will wheelie under electric power only. He sounds thrilled with the bike.

Karl Acker also posted the picture above of an Xduro FS on a civilian door step.

Are you a Haibike Xduro owner? Please keep the videos and photos coming. Any comments below would be much appricated! Tell us how you like it…