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Optibike Supplies Electric Drive To Red Bull Creation Team

The Donner Party 2.0 secured a few electric drive systems from Optibike for this years Red Bull Creation competition. The Optibike MBB is a “motorized bottom bracket” that has the motor surrounding the bottom bracket and directly driving the crank assembly.

Red Bull Creation gives teams of engineer-hacks 72 hours to build something crazy around a theme. This year’s theme: “Energy In Motion”.

To qualify for the event The Donner Party 2.0 build a grandfather clock that belches a sequence of flames to notify the user of every hour. The clock is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. Arduino is commonly used to control EV power delivery so this knowledge should help out when programming their electric ???.

The build begins July 10 in McCarren Park, Brooklyn. This should be good.

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Used Optibikes From Optibike Direct

At this point in time Optibike builds and sells the best production electric bicycle. The motor is in the bottom bracket. It’s an awesome solution. They have a patent on it.

There is no other electric bicycle company with the reputation of Optibike producing an ebike that performs at this level.

If I’m wrong let me know, leave a comment.

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