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M55 Terminus Unveiled

m55 terminus

M55 took the covers off the Terminus at the Top Marques Monaco luxury fair today. This bike is the 6th iteration of the M55 electric bicycle that up until now has been called the Beast.

Details on the build are scarce at this point but here is what we know…

Based on the pic above it appears the front end uses a swingarm setup. This system has many advantages I assume are similar to James Parker’s (Mission Motors employee) RADD design.

More information as it is made available.

Source: Facebook

Holy Pedelec Batman! The m55 Beast 55 Electric Bike

m55 Beast 55

The m55 Beast 55

The 5th incarnation of the m55 Evo was unveiled at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last month. The “Beast 55” retains it’s Batmobile, Transformers and Terminator influenced sci-fi design but now has all components between the electric motor and the Rohloff hub exposed.

The beautiful chain and sprocket drive sheds 6.6 lbs from the original enclosed system and adds visual appeal to the hybrid drive bike. Most of the components are designed specifically for the bike including the crank arms but premium off the shelf components are used where possible. A good example is White Industries freewheel that isolates the cranks and protects the rider’s legs from the 74 lb ft of torque of the electric motor.

Hit the jump for specifications and proof in pictures the m55 Beast is not vaporware.

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