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Why eBikes Are Cool Part 2 – Hill Climbs

ebike hill climb

This one may seem obvious, if you have a motor on your bike you don’t have to pedal as hard going up hills. With bikes like the Haibike Xduro DS you can go faster than pedaling full power on a non-motorized bike.

Air Marky’s latest video shows him climbing a decent offroad singletrack uphill on his Xduro DS. To the untrained eye this is just a guy rip’n up a hill on a mountain bike. The thing is a pro mountain biker would have a hard time turning the gear he’s in over irregular terrain at that incline.  He even coasts for a second at the beginning. Pretty cool.

The consistent and linear power of the electric motor allows for better traction than the pulses of power a set of human legs can produce. A mountain bike rider instinctively does a lot of timing of pedal strokes and cadence to get over rocks and roots to avoid stalling or spinning out. With consistent power, even lower than that of a human, getting up the hill will be faster and easier. At least that’s the way I understand it.

Watching the rest of the video Marky seems to be having a blast on the down hills too. Have a look through the rest of his videos. He as a good number of vids with the Haibike eMTB and also his Quantya Strata.

Be sure to check out Why eBikes Are Cool Part 1.

As an added bonus, here is a clip of the Stealth Electric Bike making short work of a hill that few could pedal up…

Proof of Haibike eBikes In Owners Garages! Pics And Videos

Karl Acker's haibike xduro fs
The pics of the Bosch powered Haibike Xduro Eq ebikes on the assembly line were no photoshop special. Pictures and videos were posted on Haibike’s FB page over the last week by new owners.

The Air Marky, a guy who rides anything with 2 wheels electric or not, posted what might be the first owner video on youTube of the Xduro FS in action. It includes footage of his drive to the bike shop to pick it up.

Air Marky mentioned on Electric Motorcycle Forum that the bike will wheelie under electric power only. He sounds thrilled with the bike.

Karl Acker also posted the picture above of an Xduro FS on a civilian door step.

Are you a Haibike Xduro owner? Please keep the videos and photos coming. Any comments below would be much appricated! Tell us how you like it…

Haibike Eq Xduro Assembly At Full Throttle

Haibike Eq Xduro eBike Frame

Haibike looks to be full throttle manufacturing it’s BOSCH ebike System based electric mountainbike line. Check out the rack of Haibike Eq Xduro hardtails fresh out of the paint shop. Haibike just posted this on Facebook.

There were multiple Bosch based ebikes on display at Interbike late last year including a few from Cannondale. The 45 lb Haibike  mounts the BOSCH system upside down in a custom built frame to protect the system from damage and improve ground clearance.

If your in line to buy this bike please send me an email or msg with the contact page. I would love to hear your experiences with the bike.

For more info on the Haibike Eq Xduro please check out my recent Haibike post and the links in the text above.

The Haibike EQ Xduro FS For Sale Spring 2011

Haibike EQ Xduro FS full suspension e-bike

Haibike is a bicycle manufacturer out of Germany and one of a handful of companies outsourcing pedelec drive to Bosch. The Haibike EQ Xduro FS is a full suspension e-bike with a four bar linkage. The aluminum frame cradles the Bosch eBike System at the base of a “J” shaped downtube. A 288 Wh (8 Ah) battery pack is attached to the downtube and is based on the same lithium-ion technology that powers Bosch power tools. Recharge time is estimated at 2.5 hours.

The motor is a 250 Watt unit and the system minus the batteries weighs 5 lbs. The motor and bottom bracket assembly have sensors that detect how hard the rider is pushing on the pedals and the speed of the bike to determine how much assist to provide with the motor. In effect, hills and headwinds shrink with each pedal stroke.

Unlike Bosch’s eBike partner Cannondale, Haibike mounts the Bosch system upside down and on top of the down tube to maximize ground clearance and keep the system out of harms way.

Click the break for more images and a spec sheet…

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