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Ghost E-Ndure

Ghost E-Ndure Pedelec

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One look at the E-Ndure and you know the guys and gals at Ghost get it. It looks very similar to a conventional full suspension freeride mountainbike and the coverage it has received the past week in the bicycle world proves they nailed it. The E-Ndure has a Clean Mobile motor mounted in the bottom bracket that assists each revolution of the cranks. The 800 peak watt motor is run at 250 watts nominal to keep it legal, running cool and reliable. Cool running equates to efficient battery use.

The 48 Volt system feeds off a 8.2 Ah, 360 Wh battery pack that is mounted inside the down tube and is removable. A perfect recipe for riding up the mountain, ditching the pack on a “chair lift” and riding down. The 170mm of travel is no doubt tuned to handle the 55 lb weight of the bike. The 12 x 142 mm thru-axle should help with the 150 Nm of torque (max).

Source: Pink Bike via: Pedelec Forum