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FX Bikes Going Electric

FXBikes FX-5.0

FX Bikes has been taunting two wheeled freaks with a mountain bike inspired, lightweight 125cc motored bike for the last few years. They call the $4995 trail bike the Mountain Moto. Most of 2010 was spent in silence for FX Bikes so I was slowly and regretfully becoming convinced they had faded away.

Last night I was greeted by a 2010 wrap up email that proves FXBikes have just been too busy to tell us about everything that was going on.

First off, FX Bikes will introduce a hybrid electric and all electric version dubbed the “FX 5.0 Production Models”. These bikes were apparently designed by a former Honda designer that went unnamed.

FX Bikes is also working with VC’s to raise $500,000 and $5 Million investment rounds.

I love the idea of a lightweight, big suspension¬†mountain¬†bike driven by electric and can’t help but love the ICE version too. Let’s hope 2011 resolutions are met and we see the FX Bikes on the dirt soon.

Read the entire FX Bikes email, see pics and video after the break.

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