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Ego Kits Video With Nice eMTB Climb Shots

Ego Kits just uploaded a video with some nice shots of rider Thomas Ohler riding wheelies under electric power and climbing some steep grades without pedaling. The video does a great job of showing how an electric powered mountain bike brings more to the table than a human powered bike.

Watch the whole vid below (click “Read More”) or skip to 1:16 in to see the good stuff.

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Ego Kits Electric Motor Kit – Downhill Bikes, Uphill Fun

Ego Kits Snow Slide

Ego Kit is a bolt on bottom bracket motor solution that converts a regular bicycle  into an ebike. An anodized aluminum structure with an electric motor attaches to the bottom bracket of the bicycle and rubber clamps hold it to the base of down tubes up to 6.5 cm. The bottom bracket and chainrings of the bike are replaced with ones supplied by Ego Kit. The motor drive is connected to the largest chainring which freewheels to allow the rider to stop pedaling while the motor is active.

Ego-Kit battery connection

The mid-motor assembly described above adds 9.7 lbs to the weight of the bike. The 48 Volt, 12 Ah LiFePO4 battery pack goes in a backpack and the power cord is attached under the nose of the bikes seat. The backpack setup keeps the weight off the bike to maintain the handling the manufacturer intended. Unfortunately you have to lug 12 lbs on your back. Fine by me.

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