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Bosch Introduces 28 MPH Bottom Bracket Motor

Bosch Drive 45 ebike MotorThe Bosch “Drive Unit 45” is the 45 kmh (27.9 mph) replacement for last years 23 km/h ebike system. 350 Watts of power (500 peak) are used to double the top speed. The Bosch ebike bottom bracket motor now allows power only instead of the pedelec system that amplified human power.

The Unit 45 is said to be maintenance free and water proof and have a range from 40 to 105 Km (24.8 to 65.2) depending on power mode, terrain and human assist level.

Of the 25 companies that use the Bosch system, it is most commonly seen in the Haibike Eq Xduro line of mountain bikes. Obviously bottom bracket clearance is an issue if mounted as pictured but Haibike mounts the Unit upside down.

The system is being introduced this week at Eurobike 2011 and will be integrated into 9 ebikes on the showroom floor. You can bet I will be scouring the web trying to find a picture of each.

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