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I’ve been riding bikes with and without motors for years and I am excited about what people are doing with electric drive. My plans for Doped Bike are to scour the forums and the news help surface the best information on the web so the more casual user can learn about electric bicycles.

This blog could go many directions down the road. I am open to input and would love to have guest authors too.

  1. My name’s Tom Falcon. I’m a 44 year old engineer living in the South of England.

    I recently ordered a 2012 Cube Epo Fe from my local bike shop…… I had such a bad experience that I thought I better write this to help prevent other people from having similar experiences. This is the first review I’ve ever written of anything.

    The sorry start…….

    I did my research on the types of electrically assisted bike available and the Cube Epo looked the best design and best spec by a long way. I still think it looks great.

    I wanted it for my 20 mile a day commute, and so my first task was to see what luggage I could fit to it. I used the Cube website to lodge this simple question using their on-line tech support request. That was over a month ago, and I still haven’t received an answer. All I got was the auto-generated email that says they received my request and will be in touch shortly.

    I ordered the bike and was told it was in stock in Belgium and would arrive early the following week. It didn’t. It eventually did turn up a few days later and the bike shop did a good job of preparing it and fitting a rack for me.

    I put it in the back of the car and drove it home on Saturday 21st Jan 2012. When I got home I rode around to a couple more bike shops to test the bike out, to buy some pedals and a handlebar bag. Everything went well.

    The next day I rode it 8 miles or so to my gym. On the way home after 5 minutes of riding with the battery showing 70% I lost all power. Having checked the connections and found nothing obviously wrong, I pedalled home uphill with no electrical assistance. This thing’s really heavy.

    When I got home I checked the connections again and could see nothing wrong. However I also noticed that the bike had a 9Ah battery when it should have had a 13Ah battery. Given the huge cost of the battery this is a bit of a rip off.

    The following Monday I took it back to the shop I bought it from and thankfully they found the fault. The cable from the motor was poorly routed and the rear disc rotor bolts were rubbing on it, eventually wearing through the insulation and shorting out the battery. A temporary fix was implemented with tape and all seemed well again. I took the bike home in the car and put it in the shed. The bike shop had also contacted Cube who agreed I should have had a 13Ah battery and they couldn’t understand why I didn’t have one. I was told that Cube would send a complete new wheel and motor assembly, with a correctly routed cable, and the correct 13Ah battery.

    The next day I wanted to ride to work but again I had no power. I eventually traced this fault to the battery connector which is only held in place with a weak magnet and a rubber band. A simple cable tie sorted out the problem, but I really wasn’t impressed with the design.

    I rode the bike into work and it was great, but soon after starting the return journey the battery indicator suddenly went from 60% to 10%. I used very little power assist on the way home as I didn’t want to completely flatten the battery. This thing’s really heavy.

    On this ride I also discovered that even with the seatpost clamp done up tight the whole seatpost slipped by a couple of inches during the ride.

    A day or so later the bike shop rang me to tell me that Cube’s warranty dept wouldn’t release the new parts until they had photo’s of the faults. I had to put the bike in the car and bring it in to the shop just so they could photograph it. I complained to the shop about the seatpost, the battery connector, and the sudden drop from the battery indicator.

    Realising that I had several problems, the bike shop got onto Cube’s warranty manager and he eventually suggested that they just give me a whole new bike. The bike shop also told me that Cube’s UK rep would like to call me to offer his apologies, and maybe find some way to compensate me for all the hassle. I said OK.

    The next day Cube’s UK rep phoned me and he did indeed apologise, then he offered to compensate me with……. a T shirt…… yes a T shirt !!!

    I told him he was taking the piss and all I wanted was a delivery date for a fault free bike with the correct 13Ah battery. I never heard from him again. Nob.

    The following week I rode the bike to work 4 times. Every time the seatpost slipped down no matter how tight I torqued it, and every time the battery dropped from 60% to 10% unless I brought the charger with me and charged it at work.

    The replacement bike eventually arrived at my local bike shop with a faulty charger and the wrong battery again. I got the shop manager to tighten the seatpost clamp using progressively more torque and even changing the bolt. Every time I could easily make it slip by pushing my 95kg weight down on it (the bike should take up to 140kgs).

    The unhappy ending…

    The bike shop and I now both agree that neither of these two bikes were ever fit for purpose, and so I left both bikes there and I’m now in the process of getting a full refund.

    I’m back to riding my old Cannondale road bike again, which has never had a single fault in 8 years.

    My conclusion is that for a £2700 bike of a generally good design, the Cube Epo is really quite badly built, with some utterly stupid faults. Support from Cube has been shit at best, and even the bike shop (a Cube dealer) filed an official complaint with them.

    I will never, ever, ever buy anything from Cube ever again. Not even a T shirt.

  2. hi, i would like to know more info about this bike. i’m from malaysia. how to contact and buy one of this.

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