BBSHD Crank Arm Failure?

I was just riding along, through a field, at 25+ mph and G’d out good on a dip in the field. The crank threads did not deal with that well! 😀

These are the crank arms that come with the bbshd kit from Luna Cycle and I assume most bbshd ebike kits.

Maybe I did not have pedals tight enough? Not sure. When I backed out the pedal most of the crank arm threads came with it so the crank failed, not the pedal.

Anyway, watch out for this. Time for stronger crank arms. To bad because I like the flat profile of them. The crank sticks out enoug with the 100mm bb I have.

My bbshd is mounted on a hardtail DB Hook. May not have failed if I had a full suspension and lost 20lbs. I probably pushing 215 lbs with gear.

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