Bafang BBSHD On A Diamondback Hook | My First eBike Build

After a decade or more of interest I finally decided to build an ebike. I tend to over analyze things and enjoy the research process. Combine that with a major job change 5 years ago caused the delay. All poor excuses!

Anyway, here is a summary of how I got here…

My eBike Conversion Criteria

  1. Must be off-road / midwest singletrack capable
  2. Must have front suspension at a minimum. Rear would be great.
  3. Cost must be under $750. Otherwise I would just buy a Rockshox Bluto for my Fatboy and convert that.
  4. Disk brakes (cable or hydrolic)
  5. Modern geometry with relaxed head angle to deal with higher speeds
  6. Threaded bottom bracket compatible with bbshd motor

Choosing My ebike Platform

I have the following bikes in my garage right now that I could have chosen to convert:

2010 Trek Fuel EX8

2015 Specialized Fatboy

1998 Specialized Stumpjumper

2016 Specialized Diverge

Long story short, I like pedaling the Fuel and the fatboy so did not want to lose them for mtb rides with my buddies. The stumpjumper has rim brakes and no mounts for disk and I wanted the power and consistency of disk brakes. I wanted a bike to ride off road so the Diverge is out even though it is a “gravel bike”and by design can handle some abuse and light offroad riding.

I decided to buy a new, inexpensive bike for the build. I found a Diamondback Hook at performance bike for $500. It looks awesome, has a sturdy and probably over engineered frame and low end components. Perfect for the build because I figured I was bound to screw something up and trash  the bike. Turns out I did not damage the bike. Well, the ISCG mounts on the bottom bracket had to be ground off to fit the bbshd. Pics are below. Warranty voided! 😀 It has mechanical disk brakes that can be used with stock brake levers provided by Luna Cycle and other bbshd conversions. With the long length of the stock levers there is more than enough braking power with the Tektro mechanical disk brakes. Add to that, cables are very low maintenance and simple compared to hydraulic.

My build kit is a Luna Cycle 100mm bbshd. 52 Volt dolphin pack. Specs are below…

Item # Description Qty
Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit 1
BBSHD-CR-46T BBSHD 46T Stock Steel Chainring 1
BBSXX-DISP-LUNA750C Luna 750c Full Color Display for BBDHD and BBS02 1
BBSXX-THMB-U Bafang BBSHD and BBSO2 Universal Thumb Throttle 1
CHRGR-52-3A-XT60 52v 3amp Luna Mini Charger 1

Bottom line is is love the bbshd on the DB Hook! I have a Leccy 36 tooth chainring on  it. When in the lowest rear cog (largest ring) in  back the bike climbs and wheels on demand. In high gear I can do about 30 mph on flat. Maybe more.

Check the pics below. I’ll post up more information soon.


db hook before conversion to ebike.


Me with ebike grin after first ride. It was pouring rain. Almost crashed!

Had to grind off ISCG chain guide mounts to fit bbshd.

100 mm bbshd needed many spacers. Should have bought 73mm.

bbshd plugs for speedo, brake cut offs, and speed sensor.

Color display for bbshd.

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