Ronnie Renner’s Take On The Stealth Bomber

Nice to see Ronnie Renner riding a Stealth. Watch the video to get his take and see him riding the his Stealth Bomber around his neighborhood. This type of riding is what I usually do these days… around the neighborhood on local trails where I don’t want folks to hear me. I’m on my mountain bike or DRZ with a 92 Db insert keeping the RPMs low.

I am excited about electric mountain bikes and Stealth for all the same reasons Ronnie is.

Source: Stealth Electric Bikes FB

  1. John Costantino

    Stealth Bike manufacturing is a joke I was removed from the owners forum for reporting quality and safety issues, 1 example is every rear rim has loose spokes and this was discovered during initial inspection and assured they were torqued properly only to find they could not be tightened then discovered Lock Tight on threads of side of spoke that would NOT allow you to tighten it every spoke was this way plus every rear rim spoke nut has a side load to the spoke and you can see they are bent visually at the spoke nut. The rear rim bent on my first ride, The bike can go 50 MPH but has little low end torque and there is no ability to change up the gearing. There is a good selection of components but no attention to detail as we found hardware in the brake calipers that was way to long and would hit the rotors also they were not making proper contact with brake pads, the front maybe 25percent contact rear 50 percent. When these items were brought to the attention to the factory they removed me from the owners post forum what a joke. This bike is to heavy has poor build quality and zero attention to detail poor workmanship and no balls unless you think going 50mph is cool but it will only do that flat out on a level road, to bad they don’t offer gearing where you can do power wheelies or power up a hill or maybe burn some rubber anyway want to toss 10k in the trash go ahead and buy one. I built my own bike with a used platform that will do 30mph and burn rubber, wheelie for miles for just over 2k. 30mph on a track is fast enough especially when you have torque and not pushing a 120lb bike around my kid loves it. I can also bump up the speed if I want but no need for track. Stealth has no support in the USA except 1 shop and the company part owner in the us total jerk knows nothing about the mechanics of a bike or motorcycle. He could not believe I checked the spokes when I took delivery and found loose ones then tried to tell me they are all torqued to spec hell the spokes are bent at the spoke nuts on every bike in the shop. I believe my findings that I reported on their forum were safety issues and should have been taken seriously instead they covered everything up. Then I found so many workmanship issues I performed a charge back because they tried to say I modified the bike what amazing quality support. Actually they modified the bike before I took delivery of it with out my permission by cutting the governor.
    Good Luck if you buy one but before you take delivery look at the back spoke nuts and how each spoke is bent then know if you intend to tighten a spoke you need to put heat to the nut because they put the lock tight on the wrong side of spoke threads hahahaha what a joke. It’s a slug unless you want a commuter then it would work good for that. Some of my friends who race speedway took a look and were in disbelief how they could assemble a bike this way the mechanic knew it was wrong but they continue to do it that’s amazing. Be care full they tried to keep my money.

  2. i’m just agree with you

    its just the perfect thing between a mountain bike and an enduro.

    i sell my KXF and I want to buy this one

    fighter or bomber, this is the question.

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