Monthly Archives: September 2012

Pedego Destroyer Electric Fat Bike

Now this is a cool idea. Take a fat bike and electrify it to remove one of the few gripes folks might have about it.

The beauty of fat bikes is their simplicity and huge contact patch of their extra-large tires. The added weight of the tires and additional rolling resistance of the contact patch make the bikes feel slower than a regular mountain bike.

In theory, putting an electric motor in the rear wheel would make an all-terrain monster out of a fat bike. Pedego decided to do exactly that with their latest ebike, The Destroyer. Check the press release below for more info. I want to ride one! Wish I was at Interbike.

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Ronnie Renner’s Take On The Stealth Bomber

Nice to see Ronnie Renner riding a Stealth. Watch the video to get his take and see him riding the his Stealth Bomber around his neighborhood. This type of riding is what I usually do these days… around the neighborhood on local trails where I don’t want folks to hear me. I’m on my mountain bike or DRZ with a 92 Db insert keeping the RPMs low.

I am excited about electric mountain bikes and Stealth for all the same reasons Ronnie is.

Source: Stealth Electric Bikes FB