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More Stealth Hurricane Pictures

stealth hurricane ebike at interbike 2011

Stealth Hurricane - Image credit: LYEN

LYEN out on our favorite ebike forum, Endless-sphere posted up some great pics of the new Stealth Hurricane electric motorcycle. …guess it’s safe to call it that. You know, it has foot pegs after all.

Check out the ES thread for more pics of ebikes from Interbike 2011.

There are also some good Hanebrink and Ego-Kits pictures and test ride video to be viewed.

Stealth Electric… Motorcycle?

A picture from Interbike just poped up on Stealth USA’s Facebook page showing a Stealth Electric Bicycle with no cranks arms and an MX style seat / subframe. The green bike on the far left.

My hunch is this bike might be a product of discussion with law enforcement or military who were not interested in pedaling. I’ll keep digging, more when I get it.

New Stealth Hurricane Coming To Interbike

2011 Stealth Hurricane

Stealth Electric Bikes just put out a press release saying a new model is ready for unveiling at Interbike 2011. The numbers… 5000 Watt peak power (Bomber is 4500 Watt) and 50 MPH for the “competition” model. No specs were mentioned for the non-competition model.

The 3000 Watt Stealth Fighter and the Bomber get more performance upgrade options and new colors.

See the press release below…

Stealth Electric Bikes to Unveil Hurricane at Interbike 2011 Las Vegas

Stealth Electric Bikes USA will be unveiling both models of the new Hurricane Stealth Electric Bike at Interbike International Bicycle Expo 2011 in Las Vegas.

The unveiling of the Hurricane is sure to be a monumental event that will be talked about for months to come.
Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 08, 2011

The line of bikes by Stealth Electric Bikes USA has quickly become legendary with military, state and local law enforcement and extreme sport bike enthusiasts as the world’s most powerful hybrid electric bikes.

The 2011 Interbike Product Showcase currently features the Stealth Bomber and Fighter hybrid electric bikes. During the live event, Stealth Electric Bikes USA will unveil the Hurricane.

The new and lighter Hurricane bike series is available in 2 models with competition-mode peak power topping out at 5,000 Watts and a top performance speed of up to 50 MPH while still humming at a quite 65 DB.

The Hurricane features a direct drive brushless DC hub motor that transmits precise, tractable power to the ground in almost any condition.

The Hurricane as well as the Bomber and Fighter will also be available in new colors, including Camo Grey, Army Green, Space Blue, Jet Black, and Bumble Bee. All Stealth Electric Bikes likewise have new features and options available for high performance suspension, hydraulic brakes, and spare batteries.

Darin Brin, Director at Stealth Electric Bikes USA said “We are excited to be involved with Interbike this year, especially since Stealth Electric Bikes has been chosen to be an Interbike featured product. The unveiling of the Hurricane is sure to be a monumental event that will be talked about for months to come.”

Stealth Electric Bikes will be at booth 28103 of the Interbike International Bicylce Expo on September 14th through the 16th. For more information about Stealth Electric Bikes or to arrange a meeting at Interbike, please call 480-455-2578.

About Stealth Electric Bikes USA
Stealth Electric Bikes USA is based in Phoenix, AZ and can be found online at:

Stealth Electric Bikes USA has recently set up new distributors and dealers in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Columbia, and in Asia. For more information about distributing in your area, please contact Stealth Electric Bikes at 480-455-2578.

We Have Egnition – 88 KTM Egnition To Be Built in 2012

2012 KTM Egnition At Eurobike - via Pink Bike

Richard Cunningham reported on Pink Bike that KTM will be selling 88 KTM Egnition eBikes in 2012 for an undisclosed price.

The Clean Mobile powered, long travel full suspension ebike first showed up last year at Eurobike. This year it lost the rear derailleur in favor of an internally geared rear hub.

KTM Egnition At 2010 Eurobike

The battery case also looks to be redesigned. It has less of an edge on the lower front. The change most likely helps the bike get over obstacles without hanging up.

Cunningham reports the bike weighs in at 60 pounds and the Clean Mobile system produces 1200 watts (up from 1000 last year) an uses a 48 Volt system.

Check out the article on Pink Bike for more pics and information.

Nicolai Ion e-Boxx Electric Mountain Bike

Nicolai showed up to Eurobike 2011 with one of the coolest implementations of the Bosch bottom bracket motor system. The Nicolai Ion e-Boxx borrows it’s name and it’s drivetrain from the revolutionary Ion g-Boxx internally geared system. However, the g-Boxx is swapped out for the Bosch “e-Boxx” and a conventional derailleur and gears are spec’d on the rear end. One step forward, one step back.

The battery pack is housed in a box that is the down tube which appears to keep the frame rigid while keeping the battery secure. The weight of the battery is low and centered close to the axis of rotation to keep the bike feeling nimble. The “box” that holds the battery is open on the bottom so the pack can be easily removed.

I could not find the exact specs but this looks to be a 6+ inch travel, full suspension ebike with coil spring rear shock, FSR rear suspension and dual crown fork. With Bosch’s new 28 mph, 1000 watt peak system it has to be a blast to ride.

Check out Internet Mountainbike Community for more pictures of the Nicolai Ion e-Boxx at Eurobike 2011.


Bosch Introduces 28 MPH Bottom Bracket Motor

Bosch Drive 45 ebike MotorThe Bosch “Drive Unit 45” is the 45 kmh (27.9 mph) replacement for last years 23 km/h ebike system. 350 Watts of power (500 peak) are used to double the top speed. The Bosch ebike bottom bracket motor now allows power only instead of the pedelec system that amplified human power.

The Unit 45 is said to be maintenance free and water proof and have a range from 40 to 105 Km (24.8 to 65.2) depending on power mode, terrain and human assist level.

Of the 25 companies that use the Bosch system, it is most commonly seen in the Haibike Eq Xduro line of mountain bikes. Obviously bottom bracket clearance is an issue if mounted as pictured but Haibike mounts the Unit upside down.

The system is being introduced this week at Eurobike 2011 and will be integrated into 9 ebikes on the showroom floor. You can bet I will be scouring the web trying to find a picture of each.

See the full press release after the break

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Cube Epo 29er eBike | Eurobike 2011

Cube EPO 29er mtb ebike

image credit Vital MTB

Vital MTB snapped a pic of the Cube EPO 29er at Eurobike. The battery of this pedelec sits in the seat tube acts as the seatpost. The rear hub motor was developed in Germany and manufactured in Switzerland but no specs are given on Cube’s EPO page. This bike appears to be a pedelec as they do not provide a picture of a throttle.

Very cool to see an offroad oriented 29er eBike from a bicycle manufacturer. The EPO 29er joins Cube’s commuter oriented pedelec line.

Update: Found a video of the Cube eBike line at the Eurobike 2011 booth…

Source: Vital MTB