Stealth Bikes Looks To Military Sales

The verdict is not out on whether the average US citizen is ready for electric bicycles. However, for government agencies, including the military and police, electric drive bicycles are a great option that bring new abilities to the table.

Stealth Electric Bikes is concentrating on getting a piece of the action. See press release below.

How does an electric bike run on a 10,000 foot mountain pass? Same as on a sea level boardwalk. No carb or FI tweeks needed. Much less concern for a riders oxygen levels needed to pedal the bike. No fuel tank for the enemy to shoot at.

But more importantly, the US governement is forcing the military to get off fuel. See the video below for more information.

Video after the break. Click below…

Commandant of the Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Strategy


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Stealth USA Press Release…

Stealth Electric Bikes USA to Demonstrate Tactical Electric Bikes at Military and Law Enforcementโ€™s FPED VIII Event
Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) May 10, 2011

Stealth Electric Bikes USA is proud to be invited to demonstrate the tactical use of their top selling electric bikes to leaders and decision-makers at the Department of Defense, federal departments and agencies, and selected federal, state and local law enforcement and corrections agencies.

Bob Dowling, a Subject Matter Expert with Tactical, LLC based in Washington, D.C. said, “These quiet, fast, and rugged electric bicycles from Stealth Electric Bikes USA are truly amazing. In my professional opinion, this tactical invention is right up there with the Higgins Boat of WW II. Like the Higgins Boat, these Tactical Bikes will allow troops a faster and safer way to deploy into (and out of) harm’s way.”

Dowling is particularly impressed with the speed and distance provided by Stealth Electric Bikes USA. “Based on their advanced design and quiet technology, these Tactical Bikes are now ready to support the quick insertion and extraction operations of military and tactical personnel on and off the battlefield,” said Dowling.

Stealth Electric Bikes USA will be demonstrating two electric bikes, The Fighter and The Bomber. Darin Brin, Director at Stealth Electric Bikes USA said โ€œThese bikes may look like typical mountain bikes, however these bikes are extremely quiet and powerful electric bikes that provide speed, distance and maneuverability not found in other bikes in the U.S. market today.โ€

The Bomber can move its rider a distance of up to 50 miles with a full two-hour recharge. This 9 speed 116 pound bike is true to it’s brand, Stealth Electric Bikes, with noise at a performance speed of 50mph at only 65dB.

The Fighter has a top performance speed of up to 31mph, offering distances of up to 37 miles on one two-hour charge. The Fighter uses the same quiet technology as the Bomber, the Fighter comes in at a weight of only 90lbs.

About Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED VIII)
FPED VIII is held at the Stafford Regional Airport in northern Virginia on May 17-19, 2011. FPED VIII is sponsored and directed by the DoD Physical Security Equipment Action Group. The event is coordinated and executed by the U.S. Army Product Manager, Force Protection Systems. To see a demonstration of Stealth Electric Bikes at FPED VIII, please visit Van Cleve & Associates, Inc. located in section 29-M,N.

About Stealth Electric Bikes USA

Stealth Electric Bikes USA is based in Phoenix, AZ and can be found online at:

  1. revolutionllc

    The Stealth is nice but it’s about to be obsolete ๐Ÿ˜‰ New tech is right around the corner.

  2. ๐Ÿ˜€ Can you share? admin [@]

  3. or better yet, john.adamo [@]

  4. revolutionllc

    We don’t want to unveil it until it’s ready but the market is going to get shaken up very soon!!!

    Some quick specs:
    6kw electric assist, 1 CVT, 1 planetary 2 speed, 8+ inch travel, totally new rear suspension concept, 8 inch hydraulic discs, bar adjustable seat height, frame geometry immediately adaptable to terrain/grade, all completely enclosed belt drives, no chains, derailleurs, or clicking freewheels, 48v 18AH Lipo battery, sub 75lbs

    We have all of the parts and complete designs and are hoping to finish machining all of the parts for the first prototype over the next few months. I’ll definitely send you info when it’s done!

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