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Ego Kits Video With Nice eMTB Climb Shots

Ego Kits just uploaded a video with some nice shots of rider Thomas Ohler riding wheelies under electric power and climbing some steep grades without pedaling. The video does a great job of showing how an electric powered mountain bike brings more to the table than a human powered bike.

Watch the whole vid below (click “Read More”) or skip to 1:16 in to see the good stuff.

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Stealth Bikes Looks To Military Sales

The verdict is not out on whether the average US citizen is ready for electric bicycles. However, for government agencies, including the military and police, electric drive bicycles are a great option that bring new abilities to the table.

Stealth Electric Bikes is concentrating on getting a piece of the action. See press release below.

How does an electric bike run on a 10,000 foot mountain pass? Same as on a sea level boardwalk. No carb or FI tweeks needed. Much less concern for a riders oxygen levels needed to pedal the bike. No fuel tank for the enemy to shoot at.

But more importantly, the US governement is forcing the military to get off fuel. See the video below for more information.

Video after the break. Click below…

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Stealth Fighter Now In Color

Dark Blue Stealth Fighter

Apparently being quiet and blending in are not on the agenda for some electric bicycle riders. Feedback from the action sports crowd told Stealth Electric Bikes USA Matt black paint does not do for them.

So yesterday, Stealth Electric Bikes USA unveiled 4 new color schemes for the North American market. The colors and graphics give the customers a few great options to choose from. Have a look at the gallery below to see the new color schemes.

Stealth To Run Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2011

Buried toward the bottom of the press release Stealth also mentioned they will be sending riders to the Pikes Peak Hill climb at the end of June. I’m sure Chip Yates and his battery powered monster of an electric superbike will be glad to hear they will have some like minded folks in attendance.

Stealth USA also mentioned they are still looking for new dealers and drop ship dealers.

See the full press release below…

Stealth Electric Bikes Brings Extreme Colors to its Extreme Sport Bikes

Snow White, Space Blue, Devils Red and Bumble Bee are just a few of the new colors and options available for the light weight and yet powerful bike known as The Fighter by Stealth Electric Bikes USA.

Scottsdale, AZ ( ) May 2, 2011. Stealth Electric Bikes USA is please to announce the new line of features, upgrades and paint and decal options available for The Fighter, by Stealth Electric Bikes USA and Stealth Electric Bikes Canada.

Extreme Sports enthusiasts and Adventure Racing Mountain Bikers have asked for a variety of upgrades and options for The Fighter, a 90lb electric bike that can exceed 31mph while in competition mode.

Space Blue, Snow White, Devils Red and Bumble Bee are available as new options, and especially practical since the bike is also being used and available to be used by law enforcement, emergency first responders, and other public servants as a light weight, fast, and cost efficient way to provide emergency services.

“We’ve gotten a great deal of interest from a variety of civic safety groups who have been looking to customize our bikes to better represent their services. However, our downhill mountain bikers and extreme sports lovers are just as jazzed about these new colors too. This, along with the ability to apply decals, and customize a few other options, gives our riders a better feel of personalization about their new favorite high speed ride,” said Darin Brin, Director.

Stealth Electric Bikes USA and Stealth Electric Bikes Canada are currently accepting applications for authorized retailers and drop ship dealers throughout the U.S. & Canada. Dealerships are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis on acceptance and the inventory availability.

Stealth Electric Bikes can also be purchased directly from the appropriate retail websites at: and

About Stealth Electric Bikes USA
Stealth Electric Bikes USA is based in Phoenix, AZ and can be found online at:

Stealth Electric Bikes USA will be sending riders from the U.S. & Australia to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in June and plans on sending riders to the Interbike conference in Las Vegas, September 14th through 16th.

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