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Brammo’s Battery Guru Wins The Tucson Death Race

Paul Daniels Brammo ebike

Brammo’s electric motorcycle blog recently reported their battery guru Paul Daniels won the “Moped” class of the Tucson Death Race. Brammo is well known for their Enertia electric motorcycle and the Enertia Plus and Empulse models due out in 2011.

BrammoFan, the source for all things Brammo got me a photo of the bike so I figured I would post it up in case I was not the only one interested in Paul’s setup. Word on the street is the bike uses Brammo cells.

Congrats Paul!


M55 Terminus Unveiled

m55 terminus

M55 took the covers off the Terminus at the Top Marques Monaco luxury fair today. This bike is the 6th iteration of the M55 electric bicycle that up until now has been called the Beast.

Details on the build are scarce at this point but here is what we know…

Based on the pic above it appears the front end uses a swingarm setup. This system has many advantages I assume are similar to James Parker’s (Mission Motors employee) RADD design.

More information as it is made available.

Source: Facebook

Proof of Haibike eBikes In Owners Garages! Pics And Videos

Karl Acker's haibike xduro fs
The pics of the Bosch powered Haibike Xduro Eq ebikes on the assembly line were no photoshop special. Pictures and videos were posted on Haibike’s FB page over the last week by new owners.

The Air Marky, a guy who rides anything with 2 wheels electric or not, posted what might be the first owner video on youTube of the Xduro FS in action. It includes footage of his drive to the bike shop to pick it up.

Air Marky mentioned on Electric Motorcycle Forum that the bike will wheelie under electric power only. He sounds thrilled with the bike.

Karl Acker also posted the picture above of an Xduro FS on a civilian door step.

Are you a Haibike Xduro owner? Please keep the videos and photos coming. Any comments below would be much appricated! Tell us how you like it…