Kilowatt Bikes Up To 60% Off

Kilowatt Bikes Ebike Sale

Kilowatt bikes had some nice commuter ebikes on display last year at Interbike. Looks like The Clymb got a hold of some of them and are selling them for up to 60% off. They even have the cool bamboo frame bike on sale. Unfortunately the mountain bike is not on the sale list.

The Clymb is a type of members only deal website for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Seems like Steep And Cheap meets Groupon. A little while back they had 4FRNT ski’s on sale. It was not only interesting since the ski’s are seriously nice but a buddy of mine started the company. If he is did business with The Clymb they must be legit.

As I said the site is invite only so click here for your invite. Hope you get a good deal.

Here are some of the roughly 10 Kilowatt bikes on sale on the site…
Bamboo Electric – $999.98
Bamboo Pedal – $899.98
Commuter 700c – $699.98
Cruiser 26” – $699.98
Commuter 26” – $699.98

If you know anything about The Clymb and the deals they have please post up some comments.

  1. I have bought about 5-8 things from TheClymb. They are legit. The deals are real, but shipping times are the sacrifice; it takes a 1-3 weeks to arrive with no expediting options. Also, I’ve only had one error through them, and they refunded the price plus credited $10, so I am pleased with the customer service. Overall I really like them as they provide quality gear at top prices.

  2. I’ve bought a few items from the Clymb and while their shipping is a bit slow (I think items are shipped directly from manufacturers) the prices are sometimes extremely low.

    I bought a good quality backpack there for 40% less than Campmor sold it for. And usually they are among the most reasonable…

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