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Kilowatt Bikes Up To 60% Off

Kilowatt Bikes Ebike Sale

Kilowatt bikes had some nice commuter ebikes on display last year at Interbike. Looks like The Clymb got a hold of some of them and are selling them for up to 60% off. They even have the cool bamboo frame bike on sale. Unfortunately the mountain bike is not on the sale list.

The Clymb is a type of members only deal website for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Seems like Steep And Cheap meets Groupon. A little while back they had 4FRNT ski’s on sale. It was not only interesting since the ski’s are seriously nice but a buddy of mine started the company. If he is did business with The Clymb they must be legit.

As I said the site is invite only so click here for your invite. Hope you get a good deal.

Here are some of the roughly 10 Kilowatt bikes on sale on the site…
Bamboo Electric – $999.98
Bamboo Pedal – $899.98
Commuter 700c – $699.98
Cruiser 26” – $699.98
Commuter 26” – $699.98

If you know anything about The Clymb and the deals they have please post up some comments.

Stealth Fighter Gets More Power

2011 Stealth Fighter in white

Stealth announced a slight change of course for the next iteration of the Stealth Fighter. Power is up 27% to 3 kW and the weight of the bike remains unchanged at 77.2 lbs. It seems Stealth has chosen to make the bike more powerful instead of lighter as they had planned. I will try to find more information on why but it’s hard to argue that more power is a bad idea for a bike like this.

Check out my earlier coverage of the Stealth lineup for more information.

They also posted a picture of the new US bound Fighter in white.  The white paint and angle of the shot makes details of the motorcycle-inspired chain tensioner easy to see. The cable routing for the rear hub motor running under the swingarm uses mountain bike inspired zip tie mounts.

Of all the electric two wheeled products on the market Stealth seams to have nailed it. They have found and exploited an electric drive niche between motorcycle and bicycle that lets 2 wheeled junkies enter a new world of riding. Money is tight for many these days and most of us want more than an “upgrade” to justify spend.

A visit to the Stealth Facebook page backs me up. Zoran Bogunovic, a new Stealth Bomber owner who has very similar riding background to me posted

I’ve been riding push bikes since is was 5 years old and have been riding motorcycles for well over 10 years now. I took delivery of my Stealth Bomber on Friday and man, this is something else! This thing is rock solid – even when off road and speed! In two days I’ve knocked out over 170kms. The onboard computer gives me all the information I need to know at a glance when I’m cruising along. With the price of fuel and public transport going up (as well as our population on trains) making this machine my daily ride is a no brainer. Thank you very much!

Stealth promises a brand new riding experience that is better aligned with today’s economic and environmental concerns than any powered 2 wheeler before it. And on top of that damn, it looks good.

UPDATE: The with Fighter is going to Stealth USA’s Darin Brin.

Source: Stealth Electric Bikes

Haibike Eq Xduro Assembly At Full Throttle

Haibike Eq Xduro eBike Frame

Haibike looks to be full throttle manufacturing it’s BOSCH ebike System based electric mountainbike line. Check out the rack of Haibike Eq Xduro hardtails fresh out of the paint shop. Haibike just posted this on Facebook.

There were multiple Bosch based ebikes on display at Interbike late last year including a few from Cannondale. The 45 lb Haibike  mounts the BOSCH system upside down in a custom built frame to protect the system from damage and improve ground clearance.

If your in line to buy this bike please send me an email or msg with the contact page. I would love to hear your experiences with the bike.

For more info on the Haibike Eq Xduro please check out my recent Haibike post and the links in the text above.