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Ashland Electric Bikes First Stealth USA Dealer

Ashland Electric Bikes Adds Stealth

Earlier this month Stealth Electric Bikes announced a US distributor and it looks like they wasted no time lining up the first dealer. Ashland Electric Bikes owner Jerry Solomon posted on his blog today that they are the first US dealer of Stealth Electric Bikes. Ashland Electric Bikes is located in Ashland, Oregon, an area that is no stranger to electric drive two wheelers. Brammo also calls Ashland home.

A quick browse through the website shows the Bomber and Stealth as available products. Jerry expects the first bikes to be on the sales floor sometime in March.

The blog post also links out to a press release from Stealth USA. I copied the text after the break.

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Stealth Electric Bikes Adds US Distributor

Stealth Electric Bikes USA

Stealth Electric bikes (AUS) announced today they have nailed down a US Distributor. They are based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and are called Stealth Electric Bikes USA.

They are expecting the first bikes to arrive in the next few weeks. The bikes will be priced at $9900 for the Bomber and $7900 for the Fighter. Finally, no conversion and price guestimation of the price for US enthusiasts!

Stealth Electric Bikes USA is currently working on a dealer network. They are also planning a “Stealth Experience” program where prospective customers can ride both the Bomber and the Fighter in the AZ desert for half a day. The purpose is to provide a true demo experience.

Darin Brin, Director of Stealth Electric Bikes USA is an admitted action sports junkie and has 15 years of experience in product design, marketing and promotion. He mentioned US interest has been very strong and they expect a lot of support from the US market.

OK, start looking for cheap plane tickets to AZ. Mine should be booked by the time you read this.

Ego Kits Electric Motor Kit – Downhill Bikes, Uphill Fun

Ego Kits Snow Slide

Ego Kit is a bolt on bottom bracket motor solution that converts a regular bicycle  into an ebike. An anodized aluminum structure with an electric motor attaches to the bottom bracket of the bicycle and rubber clamps hold it to the base of down tubes up to 6.5 cm. The bottom bracket and chainrings of the bike are replaced with ones supplied by Ego Kit. The motor drive is connected to the largest chainring which freewheels to allow the rider to stop pedaling while the motor is active.

Ego-Kit battery connection

The mid-motor assembly described above adds 9.7 lbs to the weight of the bike. The 48 Volt, 12 Ah LiFePO4 battery pack goes in a backpack and the power cord is attached under the nose of the bikes seat. The backpack setup keeps the weight off the bike to maintain the handling the manufacturer intended. Unfortunately you have to lug 12 lbs on your back. Fine by me.

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FX Bikes Going Electric

FXBikes FX-5.0

FX Bikes has been taunting two wheeled freaks with a mountain bike inspired, lightweight 125cc motored bike for the last few years. They call the $4995 trail bike the Mountain Moto. Most of 2010 was spent in silence for FX Bikes so I was slowly and regretfully becoming convinced they had faded away.

Last night I was greeted by a 2010 wrap up email that proves FXBikes have just been too busy to tell us about everything that was going on.

First off, FX Bikes will introduce a hybrid electric and all electric version dubbed the “FX 5.0 Production Models”. These bikes were apparently designed by a former Honda designer that went unnamed.

FX Bikes is also working with VC’s to raise $500,000 and $5 Million investment rounds.

I love the idea of a lightweight, big suspension mountain bike driven by electric and can’t help but love the ICE version too. Let’s hope 2011 resolutions are met and we see the FX Bikes on the dirt soon.

Read the entire FX Bikes email, see pics and video after the break.

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