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Stealth Fighter Gets Lighter

Stealth Electric Bikes recently posted pics of the latest iteration of their Stealth Fighter model. The part of the frame connecting to the seat tube appears have some metal cut out of it most likely for weight loss. After comments are flying on Facebook wondering if this is Fighter 2.0, Stealth posted on Facebook…

The frame is lighter, stiffer and a lot smaller than before, bringing the bike closer to having that mtb feel about it.

In addition to the power increases, the Stealth Fighter has been on a serious weight loss program. In May 09 the bikes weight was 112 pounds and the current weight is 90 pounds. No word on the weight of the latest version. Stealth also recently announced lifetime warranties on the frame.

The Stealth Fighter is the 2.2 kW little brother to 4.5 kW the Stealth Bomber.

For a off the shelf ebike it is tough to beat the Stealth Electric Bikes offerings. Check out the Stealth Electric Bikes owners thread at Endless-Sphere for more information.

Click the break for more pictures and videos of the Stealth eBikes in action.

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Electric BMX Bike

The same guy who posted the electric trike smoking the rear tire also converted a PK Ripper BMX bike to electric using 2 RC motors and some CNC work. Check out the setup in the first video. The CNC’d throttle is amazing to see. Check out the brute power display in the second and you will see why he needs the dual disk break setup. Especially the rear to keep the bike from looping out wheelies.

Ridiculous Electric Powered Trike Burnout Video

Check out this 40 Hp, 46 Volt electric powered trike roasting the back tire on pavement. It is a completely rediculous example of what electric drive is capable of.

Here’s how crazycrutch on YouTube describes it…

I have actually pulled 800 amps at 44 volts on this thing. So, I am up near 40hp for very small bursts. It will sustain 500 amps at 46 volts pretty much the whole time it is under load. I have over-amped the controllers, though. So, I am taking the gearing down from 60mph to 50mph top speed. That should give me 25% less load on the controllers. I am also going to program some throttle ramp into the system to eliminate the huge current spikes.

Source: YouTube via: Troy Rank

How Fast Will My eBike Go With This Hub Motor, Batts And Controller?

Funny you should ask. There is a simulator on that will answer your question for Crystalyte (Clyte), Nine Continent, BMC, eZee, Golden, Mac and other popular hub motors.

Just enter your Volts, Controller and wheel size and the simulator will tell you torque, efficiency and top speed for your planned kit setup. Awesome tool. Hub Motor Kit simulator

KTM Displays Freeride Electric Egnition At Eurobike 2010

The KTM eGnition integrates 1000 watts of electric assist into a freeride mountainbike platform. The motor of the Clean Mobile electric drive wraps around the bottom bracket and adds power to each pedal stroke of the rider for up to 110 ft lbs of torque.

The bike was first displayed at Eurobike 2010 but has not shown up on KTM Bike Industries website yet with the other 17 ebike models it sells. (KTM bikes not the same company as KTM motorcycles)

It’s no secret I have a soft spot for electric full suspension bicycles. Commuter bikes may be the biggest potential market for ebikes but electric freeride bikes have a larger potential to open new genres of riding. The extra heft of full suspension could be offset by electric assist.

Source: Gizmag, Bike Radar