Used Optibikes From Optibike Direct

At this point in time Optibike builds and sells the best production electric bicycle. The motor is in the bottom bracket. It’s an awesome solution. They have a patent on it.

There is no other electric bicycle company with the reputation of Optibike producing an ebike that performs at this level.

If I’m wrong let me know, leave a comment.

Keep an eye on Optibike’s ebay page for deals on used Optibikes.

  1. It’s just so damn ugly, that frame.

  2. Wally- To get the performance you need (40 miles a day), you need a great elrtecic bike. An Optibike is the only elrtecic bike that can do that kind of mileage. The Optibike battery is the only battery that will last you 3 years/30,000 miles guaranteed under these conditions. These features cost money. Cheaper bikes are cheap for a reason. We do not cut any corners, and Optibikes work in the real world. There are bikes out there for $4000, and you get what you pay for.

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