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The Haibike EQ Xduro FS For Sale Spring 2011

Haibike EQ Xduro FS full suspension e-bike

Haibike is a bicycle manufacturer out of Germany and one of a handful of companies outsourcing pedelec drive to Bosch. The Haibike EQ Xduro FS is a full suspension e-bike with a four bar linkage. The aluminum frame cradles the Bosch eBike System at the base of a “J” shaped downtube. A 288 Wh (8 Ah) battery pack is attached to the downtube and is based on the same lithium-ion technology that powers Bosch power tools. Recharge time is estimated at 2.5 hours.

The motor is a 250 Watt unit and the system minus the batteries weighs 5 lbs. The motor and bottom bracket assembly have sensors that detect how hard the rider is pushing on the pedals and the speed of the bike to determine how much assist to provide with the motor. In effect, hills and headwinds shrink with each pedal stroke.

Unlike Bosch’s eBike partner Cannondale, Haibike mounts the Bosch system upside down and on top of the down tube to maximize ground clearance and keep the system out of harms way.

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The Shuttle Buddy Offers Bolt On Electric Drive

Electric Shuttle Buddy

Electric Shuttle Buddy

Shuttle Buddy has been offering a gas powered friction drive kits designed to fit in a backpack and get downhill riders back up the hill. They are planning an electric version to green up the product line.

Electric friction drive is nothing new to the ebike world. You can find less sexy looking systems from Electric Bike factory and an equally sexy but less integrated version from Pedalix.

However, none of the existing systems will work with a full suspension mountain bike like the Shuttle Buddy system. It has a pivot that allows it to move with the rear wheel.

The Shuttle Buddy system is designed as a single unit that slides onto your seat post. Proper tension is provided by a spring that attaches near your rear wheel skewer. The whole system is easy to remove can fit in a back pack.

The gas system only weighs 7 lbs but no doubt the electric system will be heavier. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

Used Optibikes From Optibike Direct

At this point in time Optibike builds and sells the best production electric bicycle. The motor is in the bottom bracket. It’s an awesome solution. They have a patent on it.

There is no other electric bicycle company with the reputation of Optibike producing an ebike that performs at this level.

If I’m wrong let me know, leave a comment.

Keep an eye on Optibike’s ebay page for deals on used Optibikes.